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Monday, September 18, 2006

Most stolen street sign (not in Malaysia - dun worry)

Neo ( commented on my post Scarecrows that objects of beauty will be gone overnight in Malaysia. Same problem faced by this town in Austria. The place's name originated from a guy named Focko & therefore the meaning is “place of Focko’s people”.

With a name like that, which is most people's hobby - it's definitely worth the steal!

The sign is mostly being stole by the English people to keep as souvenir from their visit to the town. This has proven to be a major headache for the town's municipal.

One sign near a school has the words "Bitte - nicht so schnell!" below the sign. This sign is a German warning for car drivers to drive slowly because of children crossing (pic below) The humorous point in this sign is that "Bitte — nicht so schnell!" means "Please — not so fast!" in English. Huahahaha - no wonder people come from England to some small town like this!

Local guide Andreas Behmuller said that each nationality had its own priorities when visiting the area. "The Germans all want to see the Mozart house in Salzburg. Italians and Russians always celebrate New Year here. Every American seems to care only about The Sound of Music (filmed around Salzburg in 1965). The occasional Japanese wants to see Hitler's birthplace in Braunau. But for the British, it's all about F---ing."

There's only four such signs in the small village with population of only 108 people. The authorities can't keep on spending money replacing stolen sign right? (it's a different matter in Malaysia - drug addicts here dun care what's written, they just want to sell scrap metal). At the area council offices in adjoining Tarsdorf, a young planning official called Gabriele, who asked for her surname to be kept secret for fear of provoking reprisals, revealed that each sign cost at least EUR300 ($A490)[wow that's RM1500] to replace and this was reflected in local taxes.

So, they come out with this:

They are bolted and welded to steel posts embedded in concrete in the ground and the mayor added: "It would take all night to steal one". The Hulk's services is needed here. At last the mayor can sleep well at night after a good f**. No more nightmares that there'll be no more "f**king" sign...


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