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Friday, September 15, 2006

Toddler missing from mall

I read it from The Star newspaper today. I felt so sad for it. Hope someone will help her. Those who meet her son. Please contact her. Young woman, a lesson how to be a mature mother. Never left behind your son alone. He just took few seconds to disappear. You will regret, when you still alife!

Kenny Sia, It is time to be a superman again!!

SEREMBAN: “Have you seen my son? Do you know where he is?” a distraught 15-year-old mother kept asking tenants and shoppers at the five-storey Terminal One mall here yesterday.
At 1.30pm, Hue Xiao Pei had popped into a digital printing outlet on the upper ground floor of the mall to look for a job and left her year-old son Lee Ka Lok outside the premises while she attended an interview.
When she left the outlet 15 minutes later, she found her son missing.
Hue, who had gone shopping with her son, had spotted a notice stating that the printing outlet was looking for workers.
“I wanted to go inside for the interview but my son refused to enter, so I had no choice but to leave him outside,’’ she said.
Hue, who lives with her mother in Taman Jujur in Sikamat here, said her pink handbag that she left with her son was also nowhere to be found.
“My identity card, other documents as well as my son’s birth certificate were in the bag,’’ said the teenager who had divorced her 25-year-old husband six months ago.
Hue was seen distributing photocopies of a picture of her son and her contact number to tenants and shoppers.
Dozens of people including the mall’s management staff, tenants and shoppers joined in the search for around five hours but failed to locate the boy who was last seen wearing a red T-shirt and shorts.
Members of the Negri Sembilan MCA Crisis Relief Squad (CRSM) rushed to the mall when they were informed by others who were attending the launch of the state-level Consumers’ Day celebrations at the mall.
They helped Hue download a photograph of her son from her camera phone, made photocopies of the picture and helped her distribute them.
A police report was lodged at the Seremban district headquarters at about 7pm.
A check with the mall’s management found that the complex had no CCTV facility.
Those who know of the boy's whereabouts can contact the Rakan Cop hotline at 06-761 9999 or state CRSM deputy chairman Jason Lee at 012-6312898.


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