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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lessons from history : From Warren Buffett

I admire Warren Buffett. He views is amazing. His company, Bershire Hathaway is great. Not many Malaysians may have heard of it but it's one of the biggest holding company in the world. The company is originally a textile producer in the US & was bleeding due to competition from cheap imports.

I'm afraid the situation is similar in Malaysia now. Cheap imports from other countries (Thailand, Indonesia, & most of all China) might snuff out some businesses in Malaysia (yea, we demand high wages). I have shares in a textile producer too - undergarment maker from Teluk Intan, Caely Holdings Berhad. I wonder will it end dying? The price is now 0.445, way off from it's high of more than RM1 (see pic - yea i follow the price online quite frequently). Pray for her lah.


  • Haha... My hometown... I am the blogger of
    . I have updated the post for u... Erm.. Actually, now i am still here - teluk intan... The factory of the shop just walking distance from my house. Dun worry.. It can stand still... I know the tauke of the kilang very much... My daddy's fren...

    By Blogger siong1987, at Wed Sep 06, 12:43:00 AM 2006  

  • you mean teresa? yeah, i've met her. what i mean is the prospect of their business. the revenue is dropping & they are experiencing stiff competition from China. some more MLM business no good...

    By Blogger peisheah, at Thu Sep 07, 12:05:00 AM 2006  

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