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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Finally, I caught an accident!

Malang Tidak Berbau! I think this is totally right!
I just caught an accident last week. Unpredictable!

Poor to be a Malaysian! Our government and PM kept on emphasised about driver attitude was the main caused of accident. However, the worse road condition was also the root cause of accident.

Why? Let listen to how my accident happened!
Last friday, i was drove my way home through Puncak Jalil to Seri Kembangan road. That time was raining cat and dog, i could hardly saw the road condition and the vision was about 10m. I drove at only 40km/hr speed. I was extremely careful and slow.

However, the road condition was worse, the poor road design and draining system caused the raining water hardly vent to drain and caused unpredicted flood on the road. My car went through the flood. Shit! my car broke down. I tried to restart the car but unsuccessful. I lighted on my car emergency light immediately to avoid any car came from behind pump into my car while i called for helps.

Bump! A wira kissed my ass! My car pumper was broken. Luckily, just a small accident. If the developer or JKR could meet the road better, i think this will not be happened.

Recently, Klang valley raining everyday and the accident like this will happen everywhere. Last Tuesday, i was using Federal Highway and got out the exit under Sunway bridge to Puchong. There are raining too and the flood also happened at the exit of Federal highway. The history almost happened again.

Help! Could someone do something to improve the road design or drain system?


  • I believe if we can get lots of people to share the cost of hiring a lawyer to sue JKR and JPJ for damaging our cars, we might be able to make the government notice and do something about it, since they prefer to keep more money for themselves (you know what I mean) rather than to pay for your car damages.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Nov 01, 01:03:00 AM 2008  

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