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Monday, October 30, 2006

Banks I use - Alliance Bank, Ambank, Southern Bank

I always use Alliance Bank (formerly Multi-Purpose Bank Berhad) because normally there's not many people at the bank. So there's no much of a queue. Other reasons:

1) Free cheques (no need to even pay for stamp duty).
2) Interest on balance above RM2000 on my combined current/savings AllianceSave account.
3) Reasonably good online banking (a bit too paranoid though).
4) Temasek is a shareholder - will their service get better? I hope it does not go the way of OUB Bank-terminated the account there when UOB bought over & change the rules.

Other banks i use? Ambank, Southern Bank (just for their free-for-life credit card), Public Bank (just for my renter to bank-in). Hate Maybank because when I wanted to open an account a few years back, the queue is damn long. It was at the Ampang Park branch. I left without managing to open one and never regreted it. Further : Their motto is "Revenue & profit increased due to focus on fee-based services". So it won't be cheap using their services because they always want you to pay a fee.

So be a smart consumer - go to other banks!


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