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Friday, October 27, 2006

Flood at Kajang town (Banjir kat Bandar Kajang)

Kajang had a bad flood yesterday. I was informed by my brother this morning. So, took the motorbike out to the town to check it out. It's near the Kajang Pasar. The Alam Flora workers are cleaning up the mud resulted from the flood.

I guess now the song for Malaysians should be "Where will the flood strike next?"

By the way, Alliance Bank is one of my favourite bank. Why? It earns me interest with their Alliancesave account (it's a current plus savings account), plus it gives me free cheques (no need to pay stamp duty). Other than that, there's no long queue normally at the bank because not many customer mah. Their online banking is quite decent too.


    Interesting blog. Me kajang people too. Can i be your friend?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Apr 24, 12:17:00 AM 2007  

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