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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Breastfeeding experience

Time pass fast. My bb, Aivan is 7+mth olds now. I fully breastfeed him till now. He is healthy, strong and free from illness.

Breastfeeding really brought a lot of advantages to my bb. Try to imagine he is only 2.5kg when he born, just like a kettle, so small and really like glassware, 'handle with care'. Now, he is approx. 8kg and everybody said he is strong and solid.

There are more advantages of breastfeeding which had been widely published and a lot of people well understand about it.However, I found a lot of my surrounding peoples such as friend, colleagues and relative not really support breastfeeding. None of them fully breastfeeding their baby. A lot of reasons given.

I recalled back my breastfeed experience. My initial intention is only fully breastfeed my son until 6 weeks then mix with powder when i started work. However, my hb insisted fully bf to provide the best to our bb. Bf really need to be determined or else you will gave up easily.

We facing a lot of problems when we wants to bf bb. My parents and family protested dramatically. They said I can't recovered and rest well if i need to bf bb. Not enough sleep due to bf bb throughout the night. Aivan have jaundice after 3 days his birth. Doctor recommended to bf him every three hour in order to recover. If the condition getting serious, he may need admitted to hospital. So, I need to wake him up every three hours. He is sleepy and refuse to get up due to jaundice, i almost took half to an hour just to wake him up. Try to imagine, i only slept about every 2-3 hours and wake up to bf him again. That is why i could understood my parents concern. I never told my parents about this.

My family also worried bb did not get enough milk supply like most of people. They thought bb not enough nutrient and will be weak. They called me everyday during confinement month to pressure me gave milk powder to bb. They tried to scare me if bb not well grow and not healthy.

I was so stress up during that time. Too many pressure from few parties. My parent wanted me to give up bf while my hb wanted to fully bf bb. On the other hand, my colleagues also advised me not fully bf bb. I also worried about bb healthy after too many negative stuff from friend and family due to lack bf information. Bf technique is an issue to me too. i could not bf to bb well due to incorrect technique. Very painful. My breast just like cut by knife every time i bf him.I have no support except my hb. I felt anxious during that time and cried a few time. I can say during confinement month is the period i cried most ever in my life.

I hope to share the information about bf next time. There are a lot of myths about bf make people step back. I experienced it and I would like to share it so that people would not suffer like me before.

I was glad i have a determined hb. He is the one always support and comfort me. Whenever, i worried about bf bb, he tried to search a lot information from website to convent me. I would not go so far till now without his support.


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