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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A bad experience with Air Asia & Changi Airport

I just back from Singapore business trip last Thursday. My very terrible experience trip. I almost missed my flight back to Malaysia. It was the worst flight trip i ever had. I was a good supporter for AirAsia before as they always offered a competitive air fare and the service quite OK. I even proposed to company use it for business trip.

However, I totally disappointed with Air Asia after I came back from this trip. Their unprofessional customer service and impolite stewardesses brought me bad image to them. I think Tony should do something in order to maintain a reputable image of Air Asia.

During my departure to Singapore last Wednesday (9 April) at LCCT, I was queueing in front of senior citizen at the age of 60++yo, awaiting to load hand luggage onto X-ray machine. Two stewardesses & a sterwarder dressed AirAsia uniform came and cut queue.

First of all, I don't know whether they have priority and authority to do so. I could understand they need to arrive the flight earlier than us, but why they don't them come earlier and just queueing with us. Everybody was queueing and they could just simply cut queue.

OKlah, if they really need to cut queue, no problem, but please do it in polite way. I saw the AirAsia strewardress very rude to the pakcik in front of me. She showed her irritating face expression and said rudely to the old man: "Pakcik, minta laluan, kami kena masuk dulu!" Halo, is this the way to talk to senior citizen? Moreover, they were wearing AirAsia uniform and representing AirAsia. Is it the way a staff acting who working in customer service industry? What did Air Asia training to have this kind of staff? Terrible! terrible! terrible!Unfortunately, I do not have chance to see her name. If not, i surely will complain to AirAsia.

During my trip back to Malaysia on Thursday (10 April), my flight with AirAsia was departure on 2120hr. I reached Singapore Changi Airport by City train on 1945hr. FYI, there are four terminal inside Changi Airport. Terminal 1,2,3 and budget terminal.Different airline will departure at different terminal. You need to make sure which terminal to depart. City train will stop at terminal 2, then go by skytrain to terminal 1 & 3 while by free shuttle bus to Budget terminal. Since this is my first time taking AirAsia back from Singapore, I was not sure which terminal to go but my guess was budget terminal as it is low cost air fare.

Anyway, I reconfirmed with a custom officer during my way to bus station. I stopped
a customer officer and asked :"Should I go to budget terminal if I go by AirAsia flight?" then the officer told me with a confirmed voice and knocked her head so hard to reassure me :"YES!!"

When I was waiting at the bus station, I could see the signboard showed budget terminal only have tiger airway and another airline. I did not see AirAsia. I started to wonder if i was wrong? But due to the assurance of the custom officer, I choosed to believe her.

I fount i was wrong when i reached budget terminal. Shit! i need to take bus again to terminal 2!! I started worry if I might missed my flight. I quickly go back to terminal 2. Alamak! I need to wait skytrain again to go to terminal 1. Anyway, I managed to reach AirAsia Check in counter 2040hr.

Here came the story about AirAsia again. First thing was wrong is the display monitor did not showed which counter to check in Kuala Lumpur. There was 3 counter opened when I was there. I asked one of counter lady clearly : "Excuse me, which counter to check in Kuala Lumpur?" The indian lady told me firmly: "Kuala Lumpur? All these three counter also can!"

Since i saw only three people queueing in front of her counter, so i just queueing behind them. Then, I could show this lady unfamiliar check in the customer. I could see our next queue finished three customer but she not even finished one. I anxiously watching my watch and the gate almost closing.

Finally, it until my turn. I passed her my passport and she using "one finger" to type my name on laptop. Then, she said" oh! madam, you cannot check in Kuala Lumpur in this counter, you need to go to the last counter." I was so angry as i already wait more than ten minute and then she couldn't check in. I scored her and she just asked to go the next counter.

When i went to the counter, the staff told me:"Sorry mdm, KL counter just closed on 2055hr, you can't check in." I repeated again to tell her about their staff fault. So, she tried to call back her colleague in charge which is only few meters away from counter. Anyway, that lady just refused to check me in without listening to my reason. So bad! Didn't they think a customer feeling if the customer was rejected to check in even that is not their fault. How poor is the customer unable to go on the flight? How is the customer have urgent matter awaiting? What is the "good" customer service provided by a big reputable AirAsia. Airlines business is customer service provider, who should to provide the best service to customer. Is this they should do to customer?

I was very angry and shouted to staff so that everyone queuing behind can hear me:" Your staff told wrong information. I waited there more than ten minutes, they told me cannot check in, now counter is closed.This is your staff fault and now you told me i should bare the responsible?"

She suggested to talk to another counter officer if he could solve for me. Then, she took me to that counter and explained my situation to that officer. Finally, the officer called the boarding gate PIC to let me check in. He also instructed the lady to guide me to boarding gate so that i could given priority to go through custom counter. Luckily, i able to make my flight, or else i slept at changi airport. I was so relief when i reached Malaysia. If not, my baby cried for missing mother.


  • u r lucky not to miss the flight. shld give them some good shout sometimes.

    By Blogger CK, at Sat May 10, 07:26:00 PM 2008  

  • You Create Your Own Reality - So Says Seth by Alexis Brooks.

    "His basic tenet is, "You Create Your Own Reality," (YCYOR) ... with no exceptions. At the outset this may be a hard pill to swallow, especially when one applies this philosophy to all aspects of one' s life and looks back in retrospect on circumstances that appeared totally out of one's control..."

    (Princeton University has seen fit to archive the works of Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon May 19, 08:01:00 PM 2008  

  • Sounds like this is your fault. First of all, you relied on third party to tell you where should you board your plane. You should have check that beforehand right?
    Secondly, you ask the wrong person. How could you ask custom officer whose the role is not providing flight information but just to clear the immigration procedures.
    Thirdly, there are so many signboard in everywhere in the airport including the MRT station. Why don't you check the information board?
    Forthly, there is nothing wrong with that counter to reject you from boarding because you are late. What if you are on board already and have to wait for somebody who are late, what would you say?
    Fifth, I still don't get what's wrong with the air stewardess to ask Minta Laluan. It is just equivalent to Excuse Me. So?
    Relax and don't complain!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Sep 17, 02:03:00 PM 2008  

  • What an unfortunate incident. No wonder they always say, "Malaysia Boleh!". Luckily I am no longer holding a Malaysia citizenship (given up a long time ago). Since I can't pick which country I am born in, I choose to pick which country I would like to live, stay & contribute my tax to ;-) Can't imagine what will my next generation be if I choose not to leave.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 26, 02:27:00 PM 2008  

  • Thats really bad, im sorry to hear about it. Its a shame the way they treat customers sometimes. And you have given them money! Its bad. Glad you made it home.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 15, 10:23:00 PM 2009  

  • Thay sound a little bit crap and disorganised, but you sound like you have some passive agressive and blame projection issues. You think that was bad? try Ryanair in Europe, or Marputi!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 04, 05:57:00 AM 2009  

  • you should have checked beforehand at which terminal to board your plane, and the counters at which you could check in. don't go unfairly blaming changi airport.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jun 07, 06:11:00 PM 2009  

  • Learnt from experience, do check properly the correct terminal for departure and arrival via online before to airport . or go earlier to check out the info. We easy getting irritating when in hurry!!!

    By the way, the check in counter also have fault that given wrong info.

    If u have give up Malaysia passport, no need to show off!! Many other Malaysian remain very pround to hold the Malaysia passport!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Sep 15, 03:18:00 PM 2009  

  • Oh my god! Are all of you M'sians? Your English grammar are all over the place! To think that you are still complaining using bad sentence structures.

    Speak proper English and make yourself understandable before thinking too highly of yourself.

    AirAsia is still, admittedly, a budget airline. You cannot expect a first class service without paying a premium. From what I feel from reading your blog, you deserved it.

    If I was the officer in charge, and that was the kind of attitude you present yourself, I wouldnt have let you in myself.

    From what I heard, Malaysia Tak Boleh make it. One of the most unpleasant countries Ive been to.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Dec 11, 12:01:00 AM 2009  

  • Firstly, Crew have priority to pass every gate,immigration,scanner and etc. in every airport. The stewardess/steward is kind enough to say 'minta' is as good as 'please'. I don't see there is a problem with that even I'm not a Air asia crew.
    Secondly, you get what you paid. If you are not satisfied and want better service just take Singapore airlines or malaysia airlines.

    Thirdly, you want cabin crew to come early to queue with you to pass the scanner, why don't you come early to check where is your terminal and check in counter rather then checking in so last min. and scolding the ground crew for your own mistake.

    Forthly, I totally agree with the third comment given here. Try pointing one finger on someone and see how many finger is pointing back on you.See what is your own mistake before you blame on someone.No one is perfect but we will do our best.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 21, 02:58:00 AM 2010  

  • I think those anonymous are actually air Asia staff. :))
    That seems typical, you did the right thing!!! It's all about customer service, if you can provide a good service
    Your business will surely suffer, another competitor will come against Air Asia, just matter of time. I think Tony and his advertising folks wants to look cool with the ad ' airline with balls' that is simply thrash talking with no facts. The staff are not happy because Air Asia doesn't keep them happy, matter of time they'll leave...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Sep 27, 03:22:00 PM 2011  

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