Ai Pei Sheah


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Confinement Lady from Peiling

It have been so long i didn't write blog.
I was just delivered a baby boy last month. I had a bad experience about my confinement lady from Pei Ling and would like to share it out.

i engaged their confinement nanny & did not take up their other packages. they gave me a nanny from penang. i wanted to breastfeed my baby but the nanny insist using bottle to feed water & keep on pestering to buy formula. so i banned her from using the bottle as it caused my baby nipple confusion. still she curi-curi using it. so i kept all the bottles. she's unhappy with it & ask her supervisor to change another nanny for me. Peiling managed to find a replacement almost immediately.

the other is more supportive but her service is not really really great. She is a very lazy and 60 years old woman. I worried to let her take care about my baby because she always simply clean my baby bottom and not very clean. I saw the pot she used to cook my food, damn dirty. No wash properly. I really worried it caused me and even my bb cirit-birit. The dishes she cooked everyday was same. She just dun want to do more so just simply cook the same food. New parents like us do not know which dishes suit to eat during confinement month, so just keep quiet until my mother come to visit me and asked her to cook more other nutritious dishes for me. I felt she was really not responsible and lazy. She would not do extra if you do not ask too.

Besides that, she just want to left one day earlier without asking our permission. Who know Peiling warned she not to do so. Then, she scolded me that should not complaint to Peiling even i did not.

if you have no other choice but peiling - make your request clear. i just asked for someone not older than 50yo because no experience mah. but they still give me the replacement a 60yo nanny.

you might want to state whether u want someone who will support exclusive breastfeed if that's what u plan. also ask for someone with similar culture to u. the 1st nanny from penang has some different opinions from me and always scare me about all the taboos. (they don't really follow what peiling is preaching).

breastfeeding is also more challenging as my parents said formula is better?!