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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kota Kemuning

i found this entry for "Kota Kemuning" on Wikipedia.

"Kota Kemuning is a main township in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This township project is led by Gamuda Berhad. The township still lacks many facilities befitting its size of 1,800 acres. Development has been slow ever since Malaysia was caught in the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998. Many neighbouring projects have sprouted up and the additional population has contributed to some traffic congestion especially in the first roundabout coming into the township. Another additional exit from the township in neighbouring Bukit Rimau is expected to be opened soon."

It seems that the people from Gamuda does not care about the image of their project there. There's lots of things they can update but maybe their sales is good enough. so, it doesn't matter if there;s misconception when someone read that entry.

Anyway, I think it's normal for these giants to move slowly....

Maybe they think if the website is of ok quality, then it's good enough.

How about their other project? -> Bandar Botanic? The website looks nice also.

But the problems with that township are so terrible that the residents have to come up this site:

Wake up Gamuda! I'm waiting for your share price to go up so I can sell it.


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